Former Sant’Anna International School student shines in the United States

Posted by Andreia.Manczyk On September - 13 - 2011

During his first season of soccer, Sant’Anna student/athlete was among the top players.

Currently the student combines soccer with his studying and modeling.

Youth exchange programs across the country have been increasingly seeking to specialize in foreign languages to conduct their specific courses.  The former Sant’Anna student, Leonardo de Paula Silva (24 years old) will be spending his fourth year in the United States through the help of the Soccer Brazil program.

Leonardo began the high school exchange program during the second semester of 2006.  In early 2008, he moved to Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

During the two and a half years for playing for the Prince George’s Community College, Leonard has played as a starting player and the team has been ranked top 20 in their division.

Additionally, the team has already won top placement in the college league and during the second season the team placed in 5th.

Leonardo graduated from high school with honors and has since been a member of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, NSCS, which is an American recognition program for first and second year university students.

“I think that my studies have a role that is much more fundamental than my soccer performance itself.  With good grades, I was accepted into NSCS and now have greater opportunity for university scholarships,” says Leonardo.

With the completion of the course at Prince George’s, Leonardo instantly enrolled at another university.  His academic performance and athletic talent contributed to the amount of offers he received.  In all, five universities offered Leonardo a place at their university including Dubai, Chine and Australia.  In the end, Leonardo chose to study at Florida Memorial University in Miami Gardens.  The routing to college is a race for Leonardo.  The course he chose, Business Administration and Management, is a fulltime course and takes place every morning – on average 2 hours per day.  During competitions, there can be up to three games a week.  Although leisure moments are rare, the student believes that this model of life is rewarding.

The student/athlete wishes to stay in the United States so that he make take advantage of the recent renewal of his visa.  After completing his studies in 2012, the student wishes to pursue his career as an international model.  (His last just as a model was a frame in Ricky Martin’s music video for the song “The Best Thing About Me is You).

For Leonardo, Soccer Brazil was central to his life on American soil.  “I do not know what I would do if I had not participated in the program.”

Soccer is very helpful for opening doors, including for improving English,” says the student.

A clue for future athletes, this former Sant’Anna student believes that one must “Speak English as much as possible in order to get top marks because this is the difference of today.  Colleges and universities pay attention before investing in the career of the student/athlete.”

Learn more about the program offered at Sant’Anna International School.

Soccer Brazil can help progress your career.  Participate.

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