Soccer Brazil Striker takes on US Soccer League

Posted by Andreia.Manczyk On November - 16 - 2011

Young Daniel Camargo Nunciate, (Dodô), 22, did not have much interest in living in another country a few years ago while studying at Sant’Anna International School in Vinhedo.

Daniel’s view remained the same until nearly 6 months after he completed high school at the end of 2006.  In August of 2007, after meetings between the athlete’s family and the Athletic Director for Soccer Brazil, Daniel took off for another country!

The cultural shock and rigidity of the new school scared Daniel.  “The routine there is very driven.  You have classes, training, and at night there is another obligatory study course…and for foreigners, there is an even greater pressure to stand out academically” said the young man.

Despite the difficulties faced during the first year at Winchendon School, the experience of playing in a league with people from all over the world is gratifying.

During the first season of NEPSAC, a soccer league for private schools in the United States, Daniel’s team went to the semi-finals of the playoffs.  In the second season, the team’s performance was even better, reaching the finals undefeated for their league with Daniel being the league’s top scorer with 17 goals.

“It is worthwhile”

Daniel’s perfomance in the academic field generated many proposals since the middle of the season and allowed Daniel to take his time to choose the college he wants to attend.  In the end, he chose to study International Business at Merrimack College, also located in the state of Massachussets.  After one year of being there, the head coach fromFelician College in New Jersey – near New York – spoke to him about transferring early on in the 2010/2011 season.

Now with only one year to complete the course, Daniel believes that he made the right choice by choosing to live abroad.  “Here, things are much more difficult.  There, in the United States, I can combine what I like, soccer, along with my studies,” said the student.

According the the athelete, the imporat thing is to try because the experience of living abroad with another culture, customs and language add a lot to the experience.  “It is really worthwhile,” concluded the young man.



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