Sant’Anna School offers academic support for foreign athletes who want to take part in semi-intensive and intensive programs.

The School
The school was founded in 1988 and currently has about 1,500 students.  Sant’Anna is a private school which offers courses from Pre-K to High School and Community Courses in several areas such as: Computing, Nursing, Business Administration, Nutrition and Pharmacy.
With a beautiful campus, the school is located in the city of Vinhedo, 75 km from São Paulo and 25 km from Campinas.
Vinhedo was founded by Italian immigrants, and is well known for the excellent standard of living offered to its 56,000 inhabitants.
Vinhedo is part of the Campinas region, which is one of the richest in Brazil.  Two of the best and most important highways of the country, Bandeirantes and Anhanguera, cross Vinhedo.  Viracopos International Airport is also very close to Vinhedo, 11 km.  These important places make the city one of the best places in the country to live.
Located in downtown Vinhedo, in a 26,000 square meter area, Sant’Anna School has an outstanding infrastructure, which offers comfort, security and all the necessary resources to promote the student’s improvement.

American Program
The Campinas region is still growing!
Vinhedo has already become a target for the migration of “paulistanos”, due to the excellent quality of life if offers.
With the enlargement of Viracopos International Airport, which will be one of the most important airports in Latin America, national and multinational companies have come here.  With these companies, families from all over the country and all over the world have also settled their roots in Vinhedo.  Aiming to offer an outstanding education, which can attend to the necessities of Brazilian and foreign families that have settled in the Vinhedo and Campinas region, the board of directors decided to implant an American Style Education and turned Sant’Anna into an International School.
The American Program was implemented in February, 2006.  Presently the program is being offers from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  The school intends to increase one grade each year until grade 12 is reached.

Student Visa
Students who wish to participate in SOCCER BRAZIL from 6 months to 2 years, will receive a letter from Sant’Anna, guaranteeing their place at the school.
This letter will be sent to a Brazilian consulate, so that he/she may receive a Student Visa.
Up to 50 days after arriving in Brazil, the visa will be registered by the Brazilian Federal Police.  This process will be accompanied by school professionals.  (The fee for the registration will be paid by the student’s family).

School Documents
According to Brazilian laws, all foreign students must present school documents from their countries, to prove their grade.  The documents will be sent to Brazil during the first month of his stay.  Without regular documentation, the student will be placed in a grade which the school finds suitable.  It is important to remember, that in order to have this documentation valid in Brazil, the documents must be translated by an Official Translator.  (This can be done in Brazil, with costs paid by the family).

The Grading System
Due to the difficulty of the language, students will be evaluated by teachers who will special criteria, taking into consideration individual development, class discipline and class participation.
The school average is 6.0.

When the student finishes his stay in Brazil, the school will return all documents so that he can continue his studies anywhere he chooses.  A certificate of participation will also be given to the student for his participation in the SOCCER BRAZIL PROGRAM.

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